Hearon Family Reunion - "Reuniting the Past and Shaping the Future"
 Children of Fannie (Hearon) & Alex Liston
Ned & Sallie (Herron) Hearon 
Mary (Hearon) Drake
James Walter Hearon
Edna (Hearon) Staples
Pearl Hearon
Fannie Hearon
Mattie (Hearon) Baines
Johnie (Hearon) Townsend
Lonnie Hearon
Betty Hearon Hunt Ivens
Joseph Hearon
Jessie (Hearon) Hunt
Willie Hearon
Fred Finas Hearon
Sallie (Hearon) Staples
Mosie B. (Mozel) Hearon Eaton
Rachel (Hearon) & Smith Dorris
Fannie Dorris
Abba Dorris
Sheila Dorris
Virgil Dorris
Belle Dorris
Burnett Bernard Dorris
Vernon Dorris
Joseph & Evaline Hearon
Evory Hearon
Joella Hearon
Oscar Hearon
Leonia Hearon
Louisa Hearon
Clarence Hearon
Nellie Hearon
Rosa Lee Hearon
Ether Hearon
Dan & Laura Hearon
Edward Hearon
Alex Hearon
Frank Hearon, Sr.
Frank Hearon, Jr.
John W. Hearon
Doshie (Liston) & Ervin Winfrey
Eula Winfrey
Eugene Winfrey
Alexander Winfrey
Hester Winfrey
Amos Winfrey
Isham Winfrey
Irie Winfrey
Alene Winfrey
Magnolia Winfrey
Sadie Winfrey
James B. Winfrey
Rosa B. Winfrey
Jessie & Mattie Liston
Lucky Liston
George Liston
Margie Liston
Ida Liston
Tobe & Cornelia (Winfrey) Liston 
Ernest Liston
Bessie Liston
Latt Liston
William K. Liston
James Liston
Helen Liston
Cleona Liston
Tobe & Helen (Baskin) Liston
Clara Liston
Clytee Liston
Leo Liston
J.T. "Shorty" Liston
Annie Liston
Alcora Liston
Curtis Liston
Charles L. "Sonny" Liston
Wesley Liston
Roxanne Liston
Margaret (Liston) & Anthony Dorris
Henry Wesley Dorris
Bradford Dorris
Lilly B. Dorris
Edna Dorris
Annie Dorris
Homer Dorris
Edsel Dorris
May O. Dorris
Amanda Dorris
Lorene Dorris
Mattie Dorris
        The Family Branches of Ned & Sallie 
Mary (Hearon) & Edward Drake
Walter Drake
John Drake
Lillie Drake
Ira Drake
Edward Drake
Hattie Drake
Willie Drake
Bettie (Drake) Hyman
Edna (Hearon) & John Staples
Biege Staples
Naomi (Staples) Williams
Sallie (Staples) Bass
Abbie (Staples) Daniel
Saddie Belle (Staples) Ferguson
Lorraine (Staples) Ridgnal
Tom Staples
Emma (Staples) Elm
Mattie (Hearon) & William Baines
Virginia Baines
Mary Baines
Alice Baines
Mildred Baines
Lewis Baines
Finas Baines
Lonnie & Katie (Staples) Hearon
Otis Hearon
Mary (Hearon) Morris
Martha (Hearon) Keys
Tommie Hearon
Bulah (Hearon) Fredrick
Mildred (Hearon) Jackson
Ethel (Hearon) Love
Shedrick Hearon
Sarah (Hearon) Sisson
Joseph A. Hearon
Willie & Lola (Bennett) Hearon 
Cell Hearon 
Bennett "Bennie" Hearon, Sr.
Vadie Lee Hearon
Willie & Lela (Kent) Hearon 
Maude Lee Hearon
Ernest Hearon
Sallie Hearon
Inez Hearon
Callie Ruth Hearon
Nathan Hearon
Elliott Hearon
Sallie (Hearon) & William Nelson Staples
Arnold Staples
Watson Staples

James & Maggie (Clark) Hearon
Rosa Lee (Hearon)  Winfrey
Ida Golden (Hearon) Winfrey
Lee Hearon 
Steve Hearon 
Inez Hearon
Anne (Hearon) Robinson
Jodie Hearon
Irene Lee (Hearon) Scott
Willie Hearon
Jimmy Hearon, Jr.
Fannie Hearon
Pearl Hearon
Johnie (Hearon) & W.M. Townsend
Johnie B. Townsend
Betty  Hearon Hunt Ivens & Silas Hunt
James Hunt
Gladys (Hunt) Dixon
Edna Louise (Hunt) Mason
Lafell (Hunt) Halbert
Upkin Hunt
Fletcher Hunt
Mattie (Hunt) Robinson
Betty O. (Hunt) Pulliams
Ethel (Hunt) Burson
Bettie (Hearon) Hunt & Norris S. Ivens
 Jessie (Hearon) & Leroy Hunt
Bobbie Lee (Hunt) Chandler 
Bessie (Hunt) Hoshell
Fred Finas & Shelley (Clark) Hearon
Mosie B. (Mozel) Hearon & Nathan Eaton
Charles Eaton
Ora Eaton
Patrick Eaton
Pleas Eaton
Curtis Eaton
Anna Eaton
 All descendants and relatives of
Fannie (Hearon) & Alex Liston are welcomed!
Please come out and represent your branch!
Please help spread the word about our reunion!
As all genealogy researchers know, tracing your family connections is a never-ending process. Check back often for updates as this is a work in progress.  If you find any errors, have feedback, or can offer additional information, please submit your information for inclusion in the comments box below.  Our family historians welcome your input so feel free to send any information about your Hearon family lineage, we only ask that you cite sources when possible in an effort to make our information as authentic as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!
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